Fellowship and Service Opportunities



Souper Bowl:

The Souper Bowl of Caring is a food and cash fundraiser by a nationwide organization that collects for local foodbanks. The time for this is roughly the same as the National Football League playoffs through and ending with the Super Bowl. OSLC participates in this activity and donates what it collects to the foodbank Pekin Christian Civic Outreach annually.


The Carol House of Hope:

which has merged with the Center for Prevention of abuse operates safe facilities for women and children to escape abusive situations. It also provides food, clothing, and other necessities for the women and children.   OSLC collects food and toiletries throughout the year for the House of Hope/Center for Prevention of Abuse. OSLC also has a fundraiser for House of Hope Center for Prevention of Abuse annually.


Pekin Christian Civic Outreach (CCO):

is a food bank operated through the cooperation of several Protestant Churches in Pekin.  OSLC collects food throughout the year for CCO. OSLC also conducts a fund raiser each year to raise funds for the operation of Christian Civic Outreach.


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