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We are again holding in-person worship services beginning February 7, 2021.

Our aim is to minimize the risk for all who wish to attend these worship service. Only attend if you feel comfortable coming to church during this time. We do ask that you wear a mask entering the building and during the service. There will be masks available in case you do not have one. There will be hand sanitizer at several locations.

We are having worship in the Parish hall. Chairs are spaced out in order to maintain distancing. We ask that you sit in family/household units during worship. Holy Communion is being celebrated. The bulletin is being projected onto a screen. We are speaking together, but not singing.

We are still posting the Sunday Worship Bulletin to our website and our Facebook page.

We will continue to monitor the virus situation and make changes as needed or required. We appreciate your patience, support and prayers as we continue to meet together for worship.

Pastor Barnes and Tim Leitner, SAM, are continuing to bring you our worship service and message. Here is the link to the weekly bulletin, which includes video links to the Sermon, Children’s Time, and some music videos.




Sunday Worship Service 9:00 a.m.

Sunday Church School 10:15 a.m.

        At our worship service, we combine the music from the Organist and the FaithFull Worship Band with our liturgy, hymns & songs, offertory, prelude, and more.

Each part of the service in some way contributes to the “conversation” we are having with God.

The sermon is not the only medium for the word of God. We hear God speaking in the readings, hymns, anthems, and liturgy itself.

We also receive the body and blood of the living Word, Jesus Christ.

Worship provides us with opportunities to offer to God our praise, thanksgiving, prayers and concerns.



Welcome to our website! Be sure to come back soon to see updates!

     I came across a devotion that speaks so clearly to the community and relationships of our congregation.
     “A gift! You open the box only to be greeted by those dreaded words: ‘Assembly required’. But if the gift is a jigsaw puzzle or a model you’ve been longing to put together, the opportunity to assemble is the best part of the gift.
     God has given his children a precious gift – the community of faith, our congregation. But to truly benefit from this gift, assembly is required. Hebrews 10:24-25 says ‘stir up one another to love and good works…encouraging one another.”
      I believe that Our Savior Lutheran is a gift and our “assembly” is coming together in worship and community. I know you will find love and encouragement! Come and be with us.
Pastor Stephen D. Barnes






The Mission of Our Savior Lutheran Church

We GATHER in Christian fellowship for spiritual renewal and inspiration through prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. We GROW from learning about Jesus Christ, seeking to make disciples of all of God’s people through creative worship, enriched education, and inspired participation. We GO to serve the spiritual , physical, and emotional needs of others by reaching out to our families, neighbors, and community with actions that show the love of Christ.







What is Hope On The Hill?


H ospitality

O utreach

P roclamation

E ducation


H elping

I ndividuals

L ive in

L ove