Luther and the Reformation–Sunday, August 27

On Sunday, August 27 we will view the video of “Luther and the Reformation” with Rick Steves. Steves will travel the footsteps of Martin Luther and share the story that led to the Reformation.


FROM THE ELCA WEBSITE: “Rick Steves’ “Luther and the Reformation” is a wonderful resource for all of us – pastors and lay people alike – to better understand our Lutheran roots and help us in our continued journey of understanding the Gospel.

Thank you to Rick Steves for generously giving all members of the ELCA access to “Luther and the Reformation.” “

 Elizabeth Eaton
Presiding Bishop
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


About Rick Steves: Rick Steves is an American author and television personality focusing on European travel. He is the host of the American Public Television series Rick Steves’ Europe, has a public radio travel show called Travel with Rick Steves, and has authored numerous travel guides.